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I'm seeing my psychiatrist and will probably do a trial of meds for my GAD. I've tried several things but, right now, with two small kids and no time to devote to much else, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that some time on meds might be to my advantage. I can't deal with the insomnia and other physical symptoms I've been getting. No panic attacks but the unrestful sleep is the worst with two preschoolers...and they sleep through the night!

My Dr. first mentioned BuSpar to me and wanted to start out conservatively. I don't know if she's still thinking of that med but I wanted to know if an occasional drink was out of the question. I'm talking a glass of wine with dinner or a drink at a party on the few occasions I go out with DH. I won't indulge beyond that but I was curious if that was an issue and if I need to abstain totally. I've been keeping away from liquor because it makes my sleep worse BTW. It would be nice to live like a "normal" person...


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