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I've suffered from anxiety for almost 5 years, and had one major (MAJOR) panick attack this year. It lasted for 4 days, and I ended up in the E.R. What you are describing, especially waking up with the feeling of doom in your stomach, is what I was experiencing. My heart was racing all the time.

When I finally got to the Dr., my resting heart rate was well over 160, when it should be around 60ish and my BP was way high. She told me she had to call the paramedics to take me to the ER, and that I was having a tachycardia. They did all the heart test and blood work, and I couldn't be healthier according to all of them. It was 100% a panic attack. This was all after a very stressful divorce and move, so I think my anxiety morphed into this after a while. I was on Ativan for my heart rate, which was a god-send. I continued to take my Buspar, but they increased that, and they put me on Clonopin.

I started drinking smoothies and tons of water, and the panic attacks passed after about 2 weeks. I still have anxiety; I probably always will. But to me, it sounds like you need help for a major panic disorder. Get help, don't suffer. After two days on the drugs, I calmed down and almost felt euphoric. It was a few months before I got back down to just my Buspar, but there is help for you right now..tomorrow! I had the driving problem like you, too. It's about 85% better these days, just an occasional episode or two.

Good luck, and keep us posted!


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