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I have suffered from anxiety for the past 8 years after my husband was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour (he is in remission) and our daughter was born with a rare chromosonal disorder. Both of these occured with in a space of 2 months. Our daughter is affected intellectually. Basically about six months after this I developed anxiety because of a fear of dying . I still fear dying and leaving behind my family espically my daughter (we have a 13 year old who is fine). Last year I developed severe panic attacks. I have managed to gain some control of the panic attacks through cognetive behavioural therapy but still have quite bad anxiety. I now have developed left sided facial numbness. A couple of months back it only affected small area and would disappear over night. I now have had it on and off continually for the past three weeks. I have seen my usual GP who has put it down to anxiety related. I have sought a second opinion who believes it is also related to anxiety but is sending me for a CT scan of my head to give me peace of mind. I am having this done tomorrow but have been crying all day as I am scared they will find something nasty like a brain tumour. I have been dizzy of late and feeling loped sided at times - but I often get these two when I am really anxious or feel unsafe. Has anyone had these symptoms?
Hopefully this will put you at ease. I expecierenced both dizziness and although not really face numbness I did get a weird feeling on the left side of my face kind of like the pins-and needles sensation and it felt like it was slowly going numb. This happened during a time when I was also having bad anxiety attacks.
I say a big 10-4 to that. I had my left side of my face feeling like it was going to sleep when anxiety started in. Ativan took care of it then and still does on the rare occasion that I need it. I hope this helps.PS I had two MRI's and a ct run on my head with nothing shown to be wrong.

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