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HI, I totally agree. I have been taking Xanax .5mg in the am and another .5mg at night if needed. I have never taken for THE BUZZ..because in all honsety, I never felt a BUZZ. It helps my anxiety and panic. I lead a very normal life. I can remember the days I was on something else, and I didn't and couldn't even leave the house in fear of getting an anxiety attack in public. So don't know where your stories are coming from about BUZZ. That might for those who pop any pills they can get their hands on. But for anxiety it works wonders. Yes, it does relax you. Perhaps as you mentioned the dosage is not right for you. There are many people who take 2mg 3x's a day, now that is alot. But once again dosage is different for everyone. Some people just have a high tolarance for meds. I would not trade it for the world. many doctors and people state that it is addicitive. But you know something, I have been on other meds alot people say is better than Xanax, and the withdrawl was awful. Al medications are addictive, it is the person taking the medication that has to be careful. The reason I find that alot of doctors don't like prescribing it is because they don't get a huge kick back from the pharm companies. Doctors are asked to push certain medications all the time. The lastest being Cymbalta....notice all the TV ad's for it for Depression??? Well that just goes to the way...Cymbalt is addictive too. My mopther was on prozax for 11 yrs, and you should her when the doctor tried taking her off that drug, she ended up in the hospital. So just goes to show.....

Good luck!

Ariom :wave:
If you look around on the internet, you'll find people who blame medications for everything from making them feel bad to making them kick their cat. Don't read that crap. Xanax is wonderful for anxiety, it is especially useful for panic. I've never had a "buzz" from Xanax, it just makes me feel calm and normal, quite frankly. I feel like I do when I'm not all worked up. Unless you have issues with addiction, people who truly need Xanax rarely get addicted to it. There is a difference in becoming tolerant to the dose you're on (and subsequently having to raise the dose) and being addicted.

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