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For the past few weeks I have had what I think is some kind of anxiety problem. At random times throughout the day (most often times when I'm trying to sleep) my heart will suddenly start to hurt and sometimes begins beating rapidly. My muscles are often tense (mostly in the shoulder or lower back area). I've also been getting headaches which I think are from loss of sleep. I'm recovering from an eating disorder, so for a while I thought that my heart pains had something to do with that... but this is more of a stress/extreme anxiety feeling. It's depressing me because when I feel this way I feel like I can't accomplish anything. Today I wanted to study and run errands but I ended up just lying down on my sofa crying cause I couldn't stand this constant feeling of stress. I honestly can't even pin point what I'm stressed about. I think I just can't seem to organize thoughts in my mind... I'm always worried I'm not doing enough or being productive enough. I'm so exhausted and I want to rest so bad but I just can't. This morning I woke up with severe heart pain and cramping all throughout my abdominal area. And throughout the day I've had to keep taking deep breaths. What the heck is wrong with me and what can I do to stop all this? It's really getting in the way of everyday life. Please help :(

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