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Can relate to the grinding/clenching of teeth, I have ended up with MAJOR tmj problems which are so bad now there isn't alot they can do and putting up with the pain that causes ALL over your body doesn't help with the anxiety issues at all. Sympathize with you totally. If you can find a good TMJ dentist, get some help before it's too late and you have done major damage to the joints.

Last night was one of my worst in awhile, woke up from deep sleep with heart racing a million miles an hour, scared me to death, when I get REAL frightened I start to sweat a little. Almost woke up husband to take me to the ER but prayed, talked myself through it, took an aspirin (just in case)..of course took me over 2 hours to get back to sleep, SO tired today at work.

Thanks to ALL of you for being friends and caring. :wave:

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