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I bought an interesting book yesterday. The guy in it says you have to change your subconscious thoughts (your 'boss') and the way to do that is to go into alpha wave brain cycling and fill your head with positive thoughts. Then you can actually reprogram your mind.

Well let me tell you I did it ONCE and last night I slept straight through 14 hours.

I haven't slept like that in forever and though Ill try not to make it a habit, it sure was great to not wake up at 5 am and be rip roaring ready to run 10 miles.

My anxiety is almost gone too thank goodness. We can do this guys, beat this thing. We've been living in negative land for so long without even realizing it. I know Ive experienced symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder for YEARS, and didn't even know what it was. I just thought it was flashbacks but now I realzie it has a lot to do with my Dad, a lot to do with me holding onto and believeing things people said about me, a LOT to do with very low self-esteem.
Hi Lolamb:wave:
Sorry you are going through some rough times..It seems are anxiety loves to creep in during times of change without us even realizing.. You were going through some major changes with the first move and the fact that you didn't like where you were living doesn't help matters. No being away from your boyfriend who you feel very connected to is stressful in it's self.
I think for now if you can handle the anxiety without feeling to overwhelmed or out of control then by all means do.. focus on the fact that he is returning to you, and surround yourself around positve things, such as dinner or lunch with old friends. Remember to make special time for yourself, whether it be reading a good book or taking a nice autumn walk. But most of all keep in contact with others who feel or are going through what you are. Like you did here on th eanxiety board! You see just reading my post and seeing that I too suffer made you feel that much LESS alone. And that was my whole
purpose in writing this post mission accomplished! As you can see there are so many others who feel this way. You truly aren't alone and I bet if you stick around here you will find so much comfort as well as friends, and most of all understanding and support.. If you have any questions, thoughts or just need to not feel so alone I am here as well! Boxerlover:angel:

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