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I believe the problem is you dwell on the small symptoms. I cannot blame you as I used to also but you have to begin telling yourself that it is anxiety and you have to believe it it's not just you say it and it works. Everyday for a few weeks I could come up with some new disease I 'had' so I completely understand.

First of all I will tell you something I posted in another post. The pains you have only when you think about it correct? If so think of it this way - If you had a broken leg it would hurt no matter what (even if you don't have bad pain you will probably still limp) but it would hurt more when you think about it. Well, it's the same way with this as you begin to worry about it the symptoms become worse correct? If it was something life threatening it would definately be a pain all the time.

I had a headache for two weeks (still have it at times) and it is from worrying and being bored. Both of those can cause a headache because of the tensing up of muscles in the neck, back, should, etc. Once I came to that realization they started going away because I started to do stuff such as exercise again (my first 'attack' came from exercise so I was scared of it). Also this reasoning can be why they didn't find anything.

Some tips to help reduce these are exercise, eat healthy, accept the anxiety, along with many other things. There is so much I can type about this so if you have any other questions just post.

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