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Hey Jackyee,

I know what you mean about planning your day around your anxiety. Everyday I have to think before I do something, even going to store can cause me panick, I do still work and manage okay there although I have physical symptoms there as well that I think are more associated to depression, just feeling tired and run down even after a full nights sleep. I am finally going to the doctor tomorrow just the be sure nothing else is going on. My symptoms are so sporradic though that they don't point to any one thing, maybe hormone imbalances, not sure. I have done more research than I care to into this anxiety stuff and it all seems to lead me back to the same place or confuse me even more. If just once I could wake up feeling normal I think I may be able to say, yeah it's just anxiety but everyday poses a new symptom or episode of panic so it's a never ending cycle. I don't want to take meds but may have to so that I can get the thoughts out of my head that keep my feeling this way, our minds have so much influence over our bodily functions. If I keep thinking everday that I am sick then that's what I am going to feel everyday no matter how much I try to shake it. I just wonder if anyone else has the run down all day feeling that I have? I feel like I always have something in my eyes, I can't focus well on things and get terrible tunnel vision throughout the day. I am looking forward to getting tests done tomorrow but also anxoius about it.

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