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Really dizzy :(
Sep 5, 2006
it's just the start of my second week off 10mg of lexapro and I can't get this dizzy feeling out of my system. I'm feeling so motion sick... a little sick to my stomach.
anyone else experience this when coming off this med? It's driving me crazy. I just want it to go away...
any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated. It's starting to make me feel anxious... of course, additional anxiety is also suppose to be a side effect from going off... ugh.
thanks you guys for the responses. it helps for me to feel not alone... which is how I'm feeling... im trying to keep in mind that I did NOT feel like this before the lexapro...and its just my system returning to normal. and Im trying to feel comfort in that. i feel out of control of my anxiety. It's making me feel a little insane. i was usppose ot see my docotr tomorrow but had to cancel I see her next week... so that gives me time to decompress this weekend and see if I feel better with some sleep and exercise.

Im actually comming OFF the lexapro, not ramping up on it. I went off very gradually... and now i feel a bit dizzy on and off...but this chest fluttering is driving me nuts. its giving me panic attacks... or it IS a panic attack. i dont feel myslef... grumpy, emotional. i'm certaily overtired after going on a trip for the long weekend last weekend, and i know that doesn't help. but i've now taken two clonopan today.. im hoping the second will kick in. This panic attacks, when they happen come and go so fast. it almost feels like a fluttering in my throat. I hate that one can feel extra anxious when coming off meds.
it's making me rethink trying another med like effexor, which I keep reading is very hard to come off of.
my job has also been very stressful lately and it's of course making my anxiety worse... I work in television and those deadlines are insanely stressful.
anyhow - i guess i feel a little better typing this out. my boyfriend gets it to a degree, but I think unless you actually suffer from anxiety, you can only understand so much...don't you think?
thanks for listening. :)

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