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The only ones I'd add are Passionflower, SAM-e, and Bach Rescue Remedy. Passionflower can relax you, SAM-e has shown some success with treating depression, and many anti-depressant compounds exert some affect on anxiety. Bach Rescue Remedy is a spray (or cream for skin problems) that is based on, uh, questionable science (flower essences, but it's more complicated than that) but it has been around a very long time and gets good reviews. Some people even report success using it on their pets during thunderstorms, etc. I use it as an adjunct therapy. I don't think it is strong enough to be used alone by someone with anxiety disorder, JMHO, but I do think it is worthwhile. Some of these compounds work for some people, some do nothing, some end up having a little effect. St. John's Wort was held up for a long time as almost a miracle cure until more research was done and found it to be ineffective for mental disorders. I still personally know people who take it and claim it is effective, too. SAM-e is probably the most expensive of the compounds. Remember, different brands of vitamins/minerals/supplements can have VASTLY different amounts of active compounds in them; so that's a consideration when purchasing them, too. I personally take SlowMag magnesium/calcium supplement, use a multi-vitamin, use Bach Rescue Remedy in the spray form as needed, and take prescription meds. You have to figure out a regimen that works for you. Be very careful combining lots of substances, prescription or not, though.

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