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Thanks for all your kind responses-- much appreciated.

Well I have tried to stay with the Buspar 15 mgm 2 x day- have been at this dose for over 2 weeks now. I get dizzy for about an hour after taking it. That starts to subside & then I feel the anxiety kicking in. Saw my p-doc the other day & she said to try taking the second dose in the afternoon rather than at night. That hasn't helped- in fact I feel a bit worse the past 2 days anxiety wise-- just edgy & uncomfortable, hard to ceoncentrate on anything. I'm thinking Buspar may not be for me...

Msgrimm- I am going to think about what you said about increasing the Remeron. I was up to 30 mgm per day, taken all at once before sleep. I felt so tired all of the time & also had a big issue with constipation. On fiber supplements which has helped that problem. P-doc reuced the Remeron to 22.5 mgm ( hoping to decrease grogginess & constipation) & added in the Buspar( hoping to decrease anxiety) all at once. Thinking back I think it was foolish to make 2 medications changes at once- you don't know what is causing what. I'm going to call her & ask if I can try going back to 30 mgm of Remeron along with the Busdapr at 15 mgm 2 x day & see if that helps. If I'm not feeling an improvment in a few weeks I will see if I can wean off the Buspar. Plan C will be I guess we have to start all over again from scratch & discontinue the Remeron also.
I keep hearing that Remeron is supposed to be so wonderful-- kept waiting to feel like me again & so far it isn't happening. It did take the edge off the panic, but it's all creeping back in again- I have to figure out if it's because I need more Remeron, or has the Buspar made the anxiety worse......I hate this.....

Thanks again....please tell me I will feel normal again as I am beginning to doubt I ever will.
Well, I've been on the Remeron since May, & the Buspar a total of about 5-6 weeks. When I started the Buspar I took only 7.5 mgm 2 x day. Although I got a bit dizzy right after taking it- I don't remember having this much anxiety creeping in. Maybe I should back the dose down.

It helps so much to talkt to others who are taking the same meds-- thank you soo much !
I am going to try taking 7.5 mgm spaced out today for 3 doses & see if there is less anxiety.

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