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I read in one of your other posts that you take Slow-Mag. I just looked at it online. I have been wanting to try some magnesium, but there are so many out there I don't know what to try. I know that you have some heart issues too so when I saw you were taking that I thought maybe I would try that too. Can I ask how many you take? And also, are you still taking a beta blocker and do you take those at separate times? Thanks!
Bump...just in case she didn't see my post. Anyone else feel free to chime in if you take magnesium. Thanks.
Hi. I take a magnesium supplement made by Daily Foods. It is a natural magnesium & has a little kelp and dulse(seaweed) in it. Works great at calming me down. It really slows the heart rate. My girlfriend tried it and her blood pressure went really low, so if you have a slow heart rate to begin with, you probably don't want to take this type of magnesium. I only take one when I am under stress. Works great for me, with the added benefit that it helps me sleep like a baby! There are many types of magnesium, such as in Milk of Magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) & that only works on the intestines because it cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream. A Dr confirmed that fact. I would recommend that you go to a health food store for more info. It can't hurt to try some magnesium and see how it makes you feel...
Best wishes to you!
Hi Leela,
I take SlowMag because it was recommended by more than one cardiologist after I told them I take magnesium. It has magnesium chloride which is more easily absorbed by the body than other types and has a balanced amount of calcium in it. Oral magnesium isn't so strong that it literally slows your heart rate, believe me I would notice since my heart rate can already get into the 40s on beta-blockers! IV magnesium is a different story, but we don't need to talk about that! I would not recommend getting advice from health food store clerks, I got my advice regarding magnesium from M.D.s. The recommended dosage of the SlowMag is two pills per day or as directed by a dr. I take 4 pills per day and I find that it helps my heart "skips" if I take it on a regular basis. I really try and take quality products that are backed by dr. recommendations and not things I see on the internet claiming they cure all sorts of things. If you want to try magnesium, I think it is perfectly safe to go to a drugstore, buy the magnesium and take the dosage recommended on the bottle since it is available over the counter. I tried a few different brands before being told about the SlowMag and it was the only one that I could really tell a big difference with. I take my SlowMag in the morning and evening at the same time as my beta-blocker, there is no known interaction. Take care.
I hope that you will find something that helps you as much as the magnesium helps me! 20 years of going from doctor to doctor & still I lived with panic, anxiety and high blood pressure. Then I found some [B]research [/B]that was available in my health food store and I feel almost 20 years old again. I didn't just ask a store clerk; there was printed reference material open and available for anyone to read. All I can say is, keep looking until you find what works for you. God bless you.
PS I am 52 yrs old = )

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