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so the clonazapan Im taking isn't strong enough for me to take when Im having a panic attack. My doctor does not like prescribing stonger meds than that...but after the rough time I just had coming off Lexapro, i am not going to go on effexor yet, as I thought I might.
Can anyone recommend other meds they have tried for anxiety/panic? I also tried Buspar, and that did nothing.
Honestly xanax works the best, but she wont prescribe it since it can be habit forming. I find that annoying since I dont need it every day... AND i have plenty of strong meds for migrains and back issues that I have never been addicted to, so I really do not agree with her concern.
my migraine doctor was going to prescribe me beta blockers for my migraines, which would also help me with anxiety... anyone have any opinions on this drug for anxiety.
i am on a beta blocker for my heart cond.. but a nice side effect is it also helps my anxiety (mostly the pounding heart and the jittery feeling) its a nice combo with my daily dose of xanax that just seems to do the trick.. who knew..:)
I am currently on a beta blocker atenolol 12.5 mg as well as .5 mg of clonezepam in the morning and .25 at night.. Clonezepam is the hardest medicine to get off of.. it is just as habit forming and the side effects of coming off the medication are worse then before you went on it.. i had dizziness loss of consciousness...and the list goes on.. so I had to go back on it and find another way to get off of it... i also took xanax when i was around 16 and that did get addictive and the effects will wear off and you have to keep taking more and more so be careful..

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