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How many of you use this with success? I have been on it since February 05 and it has made a tremendous difference in my fatigue, sleep, and dizziness. I have tried other things too. I CANNOT take antidepressants. They make me so dizzy. They just don't agree with my body. I have tried amitriptyline, Celexa, Zoloft, and trazodone and they all give me that headachy, dizzy feeling in my head and I'm so out of it. I have had Chronic Fatigue SYndrome and fibromyalgia since 1995 and this is the first time in ages that I found something that actually helps me function better. My only problem is I got it from my endocrinologist when I was hyperthyroid and now she doesn't want to refill it, so I have to hurry up and find someone to represcribe it when those refills run out. My regular doc says it's to addictive. I only take 1 to 1.5 mg at night. If it helps, what's the big deal. All those ADs are addictive too. People have a horrible time coming off of them. I'm not abusing it. I don't understand the problem.

I tried Ativan. It helped me sleep but did not help my anxiety. As I tapered off, I got terrible cluster headaches. I gave up meds after that.

But everyone is different. I hope it works for you.
i used to take ativan for anxiety / panic...
irony is i get pretty anxious about having to take ANY meds and their potential side effects, addictive nature, etc...
the ativan DID help me for a little while when i was going through the worst of it, but i tapered off (under dr. supervision) as soon as i could afterwards...

fyi... everything i've ever read suggests that the ssri's are NOT addictive and that the benzos (like ativan) ARE...
Thanks for your replies. Please don't take offense, but I'm a little confused by the comment about SSRIs not being addictive. People are constantly saying how hard they were to get off and the side-effects they get in trying to get off of them. I guess it all depends on what you can tolerate. What works for one doesn't work for another. You guys have a great day and thanks.

Ginny, I take lorazepam for anxiety and lexapro 20 mg. Now i think that lorazepam is very addicting, but i also no it helps me alot. when im having anxiety i take one and usually i only have to take one a day . I would rather have zero anxiety . So i understand your feelings if it works take it. good luck and get better Positivemom:)

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