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I've noticed that, by far, one of the most common symptoms of a panic attack is that feeling that something terrible is going to happen. Like this major sense of impending doom - which, you don't know where or who or when or why, but you just KNOW that something terrible is going to happen. I really, really hate that feeling. But I get it every single time I have a panic attack.

So, what I want to know is... When I'm just operating under normal circumstances and not in the midst of a panic attack, I'm not feeling this impending doom thing at all. But for some reason, once my panic attack begins, all the sudden something has changed in my mind (which was just perfectly logical a minute ago) and I'll swear something really bad is about to happen to me, or my loved ones. And until that panic attack is over, I am convinced of this impending danger.

My logical mind keeps saying, You're being ridiculous, nothing has changed since the five seconds ago when you weren't having a panic attack! While my irrational mind having the panic attack is saying, Hey wait there's something about to happen you must be on guard and fight or flight is happening to give you that adrenaline rush in case you need it for emergency.

And then my heart rate goes up to, no kidding, 130-150 beats per minute because I start freaking out.

What is the problem? Why is my logical mind not able to overpower the illogical thoughts that happen during my panic attack?

And one other question, which I hope someone will answer. Does anyone else get woken up in the middle of the night with a racing heart? I tried posting the question in the heart disorder forum, but no one is answering me. I really want to know if this happens to anyone else because I'm terrified of going to sleep because of this.

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