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I hate this anxiety symptom! When it comes frequently, as it has this week, it worries me. Now, I'm a person who has been truly short of breath from a serious illness (pulmonary embolism) and I can tell you that when I was "short of breath" with that, it was a much more dramatic feeling, I couldn't walk around much, etc. Still, though, with the shortness of breath I've experienced lately I've thought "Well, perhaps something is wrong that the doctors have missed all these years!" I know that is a common thought amongst us anxious people. I try to take slow, deep breaths, relax, and I'm taking my medication (which I think may need adjusting AGAIN, either that or MORE psychotherapy--I've only had like 10 years worth!). I guess I'll mention it to my doc at next Thursday's appt. (follow up on some blood tests for "real" health problems!) to either get some reassurance or have some more tests (hopefully not---those can be a downward spiral in themselves, but I guess that's another topic!). Anyone else struggling with this symptom and how do you deal? On another note, hope everyone has a great weekend, TGIF!

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