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Re: Buspar
Sep 16, 2006
Hi Catty,
Normally I do not register in boards like this, but I saw your question on buspar. I took buspar for the first time in 1992 at the age of 40 for anxiety attacks and loss of appetite. SSRI's seem too strong for me and I have yet to be able to take anything except for buspar or buspirone. I take buspirone and it works well. I quit after 3yrs. and relapsed in 1998. Went back on Buspirone for another 3yrs. and quit and relapsed again this June. I have been back on Buspirone for 3 months starting at 5mg. three times a day at 6 hr. intervals. You may notice your anxiety is a little worse at the beginning of treatment, but this subsides later on. Buspirone takes longer to work than the SSRI's and so don't get discouraged. I think 5mg. is not enough to help though. I did that back in 1992 because I was so scared to take it and I finally had to increase the dose to get well. I now am taking 20mg. a day, 5mg. at five hr. intervals, example, 7am-12noon-5pm-10pm. That is the only way I can get enough into my system. I cannot take 10mg. at once because the side effects become too pronounced, such as anxiety or possible light headedness. You should be okay if you stick to only 5mg. at a time, but if you want results I think you will need to take more, perhaps 3 times a day at 5mg.

After 3 months my appetite is trying to come back normal. That is the part I hate worst of all my symptoms, is the loss of appetite. Don't give up, and good luck. Oh, I am on my third episode of Gad with depression and have been advised to stay on meds for the rest of my life and to quit stopping treatment, so I may be on buspirone for a long time. It also helps my depression, but not until I've been on it for about 4 months or so.

Good luck

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