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Hi all,

I have been getting such bad heart palpitations the past week. I constantly feel like my heart is racing or skipping beats or both! It does it quite a bit after a eat and in the middle of the night. Does anyone else have it at these times?

I've told my doctor and she finds it really bizarre that they only seem to occur at these times. I am supposed to stop eating and sleeping :rolleyes: ?!?!

I've had two EKGS, an Echo, and numerous blood tests. I even got taken to ER in an amulance because my heart started beating erratically at work and I thought I was going to go into Cardiac Arrest. I guess that is my real concer- that my heart is just going to stop!

Every test they've done has always come back normal, and from what I understand an Echo with doppler is a pretty good detector of heart disease. If my heart is healthy I just dont understand why these symptoms won't go away.

I'm trying really hard not to "have" anxiety, but I cant help it when this happens. :mad:
Welll I wont describe my problem since its identical with those from the board.
Simply put a month ago I had no idea of something like this..

Wel anyway did my stress test yesterday.. Here is the super funny thing,
as soon as I get to the hospital the palps seem to almost stop completely..Its pissing me off.. But still had them in the hospital.

My ekg showed all ok except the PVC's..ok,
The stress test..
did a stress test on the threadmill "bruce" for 14 minutes straight, 200bpm was my max heart rate, no palps, no dizzy, just out of breath since I'm a bit out of shape these days.. But I did 106% cardiac output for my age.
BP was also increasing normal 180/80 at max.
The climbing heart rate was also conclusive and normal.
So the verdict, normal heart normal stress test (above average results) 16min was max at the hospital that one person did.

As I was resting from the major effort on the machine, pvc's were recorded. That is what is happening here, when heart rate is elevated no palps, usually at slowdown or at returning of hr to normal from an exercise etc..

So doctor looked at the PVC's etc and sent me home with a normal stress test normal heart etc.

The next day saw a cardiologist, he listened to all sides of the heart, ekg etc.. All normal +PVC's.

He sent me home not even wanting to do the holter and the echo as I was promised. They said they are happy with patients like me.. Healthy etc.

The pvc's are drving me nuts as I write this.. Well there goes my story, I will update as I find more. I will push for the Echo to see the heart for enlargement etc..

I do have anxiety and stomach problems (reflux) but never took anything for the anxity. Perhaps it is showing its ugly teeth. Always felt anxiety cant show physical symptoms, well here it is..

Love to hear from others...

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