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I am sooooo glad to read your posts. I have had anxiety for 15 years now and pac's and pvc's for 6 years now. I had 2 holters, many EKG's and one Echo done. They told me that only getting 200 pac's or pvc's a day is nothing! My echo showed a mild mitral valve prolapse, but all dr.'s say that is nothing too, no big deal! I've been to 2 cardiologists, and 3 GP's. My latest episode is last week when I woke up at 12:30am with my heart rate going 140, and my heart skipping every 5th beat. I was hot, felt nauseated, and couldn't catch my breath. My husband took me to the ER because nothing I did could get my heart rate to go down. I tried all the techniques I've learned over the years to calm yourself down. As soon as I get to the ER, my heart goes down to 115, and no skipped beats! I was so frustrated, because they just looked at me and said nothing is wrong with my heart. The other day it happened again to me, fast heart rate with the skipped beats. So I went to a female cardiologist yesterday, thinking that she would take me seriously. She was HORRIBLE!! She told me nothing was wrong, and that I wouldn't have any symptoms from my mild mvp, and told me to get on their treadmill so they can see what my heart does when it's stressed. OK, I immediately panic because I don't want my heart to start skipping, and of course, it immediately does. They wanted my heart rate to get up to 189, and I got it to 130, and quit. They did pick up about 10 pac's before I quit, but they didn't care. They were mad at me, which made it worse. So I don't know what to do, because I'm still scared, with no answers, and yet my heart is still skipping, right now, with racing heart. I am going to my gp on Monday and begging for anything, whether it is a beta blocker or anti-anxiety. I can't live like this. I enjoy knowing I'm not alone though, helps a little. Michelle

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