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I know this sounds like it should be in the digestive disorders ****, but the docs keep tellin me I might have anxiety.It started 2 months ago. I ate a huge mexican meal and went to sleep. In the middle of the night I woke up with this crazy pressure in my stomach and chest. My heart was also beating out of my chest. I got really scared. I went to the hospital and over the next few weeks did all the tests. Heart is fine. Had Barium swallow upper GI - results were normal!!?? Over the last 2 months this has happened to me 5 TIMES!!! This is what happens: I eat a regular size meal and all of a sudden get this pressure like the food went nowhere and Ihave to burp - but can't! It doesn't go away and I have to fast for the next few days till it goes away otherwise any little food I eat brings more pressure and heart beating out of my chest. I nurse myself back with tiny amouts of food for days and as soon as I am almost back to eating a full meal it happens again!!I just had an endoscopy done and am waiting to hear the results. I am afraid the doc is going to say it's normal. I think I may of heard him say this during the procedure(but I was knocked out) Sorry about the length of this, but I have lost almost 40 lbs in the last 2 months(used to weight 175, now 145 and am 5'9" male 32yrs old).
Please help. Any ideas do I change my diet even more, go for more tests. Help. I used to love food, but haven't had a decent meal in 2 months!!!
Anyone have this with anxiety also? I am on Xanax, but still having problems...

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