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Is something wrong?
Sep 21, 2006
i'm a sophmore in high school, and for the past year i've noticed something not being.. right with me or something. i have these weird freak outs where i go into a pointless fit of rage. i have trouble breathing, i get shaky, and my heart races.
i have hypothyroidism, and i am on two different medications for that. my doctor is a moron and for some reason no one can explain to me WHy i am on two different pills. i know that you aren't supposed to take certain medications if you have hypothyroidism, and i have not taken anything at all so i know that other meds couldn't be interfering with my current ones.
when i get up in front of class i get kind of jerky and i freeze, and when i speak i stutter constantly, which only makes me panic more.
i have trouble staying awake in class, no matter how much sleep i get. sometimes i'll come home and just pass out until 9 P.M. and then i can't get back to sleep unitl 2 or 3 in the morning. i feel exhausted, i'm groggy all the time.
sometimes people will be talking to me and i won't hear them. i just don't notice when they're talking, i guess. but then they get all annoyed because they hate having to repeat themselves constantly.
in a lot of my classes when we review the material i get it just fine, but then we're left to do our work and i totally go blank.
my mom is going through some stuff and my friends and i are kind snapping at each other a lot lately, which makes me feel stressed out. i feel like my mother's problems are my fault or something. sometimes at night i cry so hard that i throw up. i get so frustrated because i don't know if i'm just weird or overreacting or if i have some type of medical thing going on.
i've thought about asking my mom to take me to the doctor, but i think they'll just think i'm some whiny teenager looking for some type of meds.
i just want to be abl to get up in front of a room and not freak out and i want to stop feeling like crap every day.
sorry this is so long. any advice?

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