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Hi everyone

Just wondering if any of you who suffer panic attacks wake up in the middle of the night with them. I woke up so frigtened last night. It felt like my heart must have stopped or that I had stopped breathing, cause I woke with such a start and could not get my breath and my heart was totally racing. I bolted straight up and ran dizzly to phone in case I had to call an ambulance (which I didn't have to after I calmed down. Maybe I have sleep apnea? What ever caused it, it was so frighting.

Yep, it's happened to me as well, and it's really a terrible thing to wake up in the night in the middle of a panic attack, which I think is what's happening in these cases.
The last time it happened to me I was about 8.5 mos. pregnant, hugely pregnant. It was one of the worst ones I'd ever had, causing me to walk around quickly, saying "help me! help me!" over and over in a panic, just trying to break the episode. My poor husband was trying to calm me by holding me in his arms, which is what I DIDN'T need, so I was just pushing him away and trying to stop it myself. My heart was racing so wildly I was afraid for the baby.
Gross and nasty nighttime thing to have happen to anyone!
BTW, I've just signed on to this board. I've suffered anxiety and panic attacks since I was 20, I'm now 42. I think they're under control quite well, but there are still situations that'll set one off. If I'm honest with myself I'd have to say that since the arrival of my son 3 years ago the panic attacks are under control mainly b/c I haven't put myself into situations anymore that'll trigger one.
Sorry for the long post!

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