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Hi Everyone:wave:
I am wondering I know a lot of us mention that we all experience rapid heart rates. I have been reading every one's post and I am wondering if this is normal for someone with anxiety to be experiencing. As some of you know that have read my post my disease called anxiety I suffer from anxiety as well as panic disorder. My question is my heart rate, I know our heart rates are all different but mine seems to be a bit high and fluctuates a lot throughout different positions. I could wake up in the morning and before getting out of bed they say to check your pulse to see if your heart is functioning properly, and my heart rate is in the 60's which is perfect! But then I get up and I start to feel the rapid rate as I start moving around, I could have a resting heart rate watching TV of high 70's or 80's and then I get up and move around and it jumps to over 100 more like 116-120 If I am really anxious that day It can hit 137 just walking around anxious and the feeling as if I am hyperventilating!! I am in constant PANIC ATTACK mode!
The weird thing is I could be at 120 standing and then I just lie down and it goes down to 90's all within seconds.. Is this normal?? :confused: That's what I want to know? If I take a xanax which calms me down my heart rate will be in the high 90's to low 100's when standing.. I swear this is why I am dizzy with vertigo all the time! Are there any others on this board that have this problem and feel dizzy all the time as well?? And if so what does your dizziness feel like, and how high does your heart rate run? I am reading so many post over concerns of heart rates in the 90's I am wondering to myself should I be worried here??:rolleyes: Any thoughts, advice would be greatly appreciated!! Boxerlover:angel:
New York..
I was just reading on POTS and I have every single symptom!!! Even the pressure behind the eyes that my doctor said was tension headaches.. I am just wondering does the rapid heart rate changes happen all the time for you?? I am really scared about the tilt table test.. I don't know if I can do it!
Now I am wondering if all these years that I have felt like this, and had vertigo and rapid heart rates, if this was the problem all along and the Dr's just said it was anxiety! They mentioned it is common after child birth, well after I had the baby almost two years ago, all these symptoms got worse! I just checked my pulse standing and it was 116 then I went and lied down and it was 91 I know I am going to obsess about this now until I know for sure because I am truly thinking this is the problem.. I really am starting to get scared about the whole pacemaker situation.. I hope and pray niki that you don't have to have this either. I am going to call my Dr. ASAP and make an appointment re-guarding this situation.. I know I will get the eye rolls:rolleyes: as if I am being neurotic again, but this seems to be not right what is happening to me.. Ahhh I wonder why the xanax would help in this situation?? I guess because it slow the Heart Rate down? I know I won't be sleeping tonight, my anxious mind is taking over. :yawn:

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