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A week or 2 before I started getting anxiety/panic attacks I was on medication for an ear infection. I woke up one day feeling fine, went to work and a few hours later began to feel very dizzy. Called my dr because I new this was ear related. Gave me medication and said "if it's viral it won't do a thing". After I took all of the meds i then began to have the attacks. (It didn't help that I was drinking 10 to 12 cups of coffee a day.) I have since been back to the drs because I didnt know at the time this was anxiety - one dr said I had an ear infection, 2 days later after my face got numb another dr said you don;t have an ear infection. I demanded an CAT scan. They gave me one and found nothing. I have been dizzy and foggy ever since. And like you the only time I get relief is when I am lying down. This is making life very difficult to live in this fog all of the time. I am on Celexa for about 2 weeks and although it has helped with panic I am still dizzy and foggy. Maybe it's klonopin I take at night? I was foggy before that though. Sorry this long winded but i needed to get this out. Thanks for reading
Hello bek262:wave:

First I want to explain the "Feeling like you are in a dream" comment you made. What you are describing is called Depersonalization which is nothing more then a SYMPTOM of an anxiety disorder. Depersonalization can not exist without anxiety, but anxiety can exist without depersonalization.
Depersonalization is caused by a shift in the part of the brain that provides us with a 'real' awareness of our environment, which are caused by changes which occur in the way nerve signals are processed by the brain during anxiety disorders. I DID tons of research on this myself, in fear of thinking I was going crazy!!
Depersonalization can include feelings of, unreal unattached, spaciness like a dream state, spaced~out, feeling like your head is in a fog, withdrawn, and dreamlike state.. Derealization is completely harmless but can be very disturbing. I know I myself often have depersonalization/derealization feelings
For me I feel at times as if my surroundings just don't seem real, everything
becomes vivid in a way and places or people that I know don't seem real at times. I feel like I am looking at things through a mirror or movie screen if that makes sense.. It's just all part of this wonderful disorder!!!
AS for the dizziness. I feel like I am falling to the side, backwards, forward as if I am being forced or pulled it's that intense. I also feel like I am sinking, swaying like I have been drinking all day, along with a floaty feeling like my body weight is almost weight less.. I get the sensation as if I am on an elevator going up or down that same dropping feeling that too is very intense. I use to just get them a few times throughout the day. I remember my FIRST sensation which was years ago I was sitting at my desk at work and I felt an intense falling sensation. It scared the heck out of me and followed with a major panic attack.. I now have these wonderful feelings on a daily basis and if I am having a stressful anxious day they are that much more intense. I still think it could be related to something other then anxiety, I am thinking my daily headches, or possable inner ear or my TMJ which is
(jaw problems) from clenching do to stress.. It's hard to determine if the anxiety is causing the dizziness or if the dizziness is causing the anxiety, But I can tell you this if one is worse for me one day that means the other is 100 times worse also!! :dizzy: Do you find the xanax calms things down for you? meaning you feel these sensations less after taking the xanax? Has it been mentioned to you that it's all anxiety related or did your Doctor mentioned possiable ear realted? I find if I take a xanax same as you .25mg the feelings are less intense. I still have them but they aren't as bad, it kind of takes the edge off the dizziness. I was told that benzo's like xanax are used to treat inner ear disorders as well it helps calm down the signal to the brain from the inner ear.
You mentioned you have had anxiety for three years, did this symptom just start happening? I can tell you from my own that I was an anxious anxiety suffer before I became dizzy and that the dizziness just happend one day like I said sitting at my desk at work[U] "9 YEARS AGO" and haven't left me since!!! [/U] A long time so I am a pro at what you are feeling and have a lot of research under my belt when it comes to vertigo!!! :rolleyes:
I hope you as well as anyone else out there feeling this way has found some comfort in this post. Please keep me up~dated and any thoughts or questions let me know.. Boxerlover :angel:

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