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Hi Boxerlover,
I am new to this forum [COLOR="Red"]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]

I can so relate to your post. I have had my anxiety for 3 years and have had .25mg of Xanax perscribed. I only take it every now and then but since Friday last week I have been taking one or 2 each day. On the friday in question I was standing at work having a chat not feeling anxious (or more then normal) and I suddenly felt like I was falling/passing out. I turned my head quickly to focus on something else and the feeling went away, then of course I went all red and my heart races and I felt sick etc.

About an hour later I was sitting at my desk and leaned forward to get a drink and then when I leant back it felt like I was falling of my chair backwards. So then I freaked right out thinking that there is something major wrong. I took one of my xanax.
The rest of the time up until now I have not had anymore of these "turns" but I have been feeling off balance and like I am in a bit of a dream. Is this how they started for you?
I have learnt to deal with all the aspects of my anxiety but this one is knocking my for 6.
I went to my doctor and he wants to change me from Xanax to Zoloft! I don't want to do that because with my xanax I take it as needed and it work straight away, I don't want to be on something daily.
thanks for listening

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