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Re: Remeron anyone?
Sep 29, 2006
Hi bmcm,

I've been on Remeron since the end of May. My major problem was severe anxiety/panic, although they say depression goes with it & I've had a lot of health problems which for sure are making me depressed.

It increased my apetite immediately. In fact I woke up during the night after I took my first dose & was looking for a midnight snack. Previous to that I had no apetite at all for a couple of months & had lost a lot of weight.
Since May I have gained about 7 lbs & really don't want to gain any more. I like my size 4 jeans..

I was very worried about the white blood count issue also as I have Lupus, but I just had lab work done & all was ok. If you really are worried ask to have labs done periodically if you decide to stay on the Remeron.

As far as how it has worked-- I'm not sure.... I frequently think of asking my doc to let me try something else but I'm afraid I may be worse. I am not in the severe state of "terror" as I call it, but I do get that feeling of anxiety creeping over me several times throughout the day. I've also been feeling a little depressed but I know it is because I have had a lot of personal stress lately. I've have never taken meds before this so I'm not sure what to expect, but I was hoping it would be better than this. I am on 22.5 mgm taken every night-- it will help you sleep like a log. The groggy feeling in the morning will go away after a while & gets better with increased dose ( weird I know). I am also taking Buspar 7.5 mgm 2 x day for the anxiety but I'm not sure about this drug either.

I'm not being of much help.
But- I would say go for it- I don't think you have to be afraid of it. If you suffer from anxiety you should have something to take on as needed basis for first few weeks as anxiety can increase when first taking Remeron or any anti depressant. My doc told me to take up to three .25mgm Xanax a day during the first few weeks. In fact she told me not to wait for the anxiety to kick in but to take a dose in the AM & then see how the day went. I did use the Xanax a few times in the beginning. I still get the urge to take a Xanax frequently, but I am avoiding it because of the Buspar. This whole thing is becoming too complicated for me with all the other meds I take, but I am trying to hang in there.

Good luck & let me know how you do-- maybe I am expecting too much...

Re: Remeron anyone?
Oct 11, 2006
Hi trg-- it doesn't matter that I take the Remeron right before bed-- I have sugar cravings all day, but am working on how to control it.
You are on 60 mgm huh? Maybe I should go back to the 30 mgm. I have so much anxiety thorughout the day- even with the Buspar.
My p-doc's covering doc called me back as I had left a message to see what types of pain meds would be ok. She was very nice-- told me it can take 2-3 months for Buspar to become effective- so maybe I need to give this med thing more time. I started on the Buspar mid August.

ICC- I'm sorry you are going through so much ....and yes I can totally relate.
When I had the gallbladder out in april I got sicker & sicker-- had every test imaginable, ER trips & now they all have me pegged as a nut case. The pain in my side never went away & I just got more & more frightened & exhausted-- anxiety /panic big time. I was even put in the hospital in May for a few days for some work ups-- thats when the panic really kicked in- I was crawling out of my skin. It continued when I came home & I was afraid to be alone-- driving was not even an option- was a total mess, still in pain with no answers. So I agreed to go to a p-doc as I knew I needed help handling whatever was wrong, thus the meds.
Fasr forward to now-- back out of whack-- 3 more new docs- most likely the gall bladder pain was not the gall bladder but coming from my spine mess.
Health stuff can wear you down .
Wen the doc last week said I defiitely needed fusions at at least 3 lrvrls I truly thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I couldn't handle the little gall bladder surgery-- 3 fusions would mean majopr surgery & major recovery time-- I know I cannot handle that. Saw a doc today who feels with aggressive PT I should not need surgery-- time will tell I guess.

I hope you are feeling better.
What dose of Remeron are you on at this point? And do you take anything right now for anxiety ?

It's really good to type & vent-- get it out !!!!
You sound like me & I know how horrible it feels. You don't want to be this witchy woman- but situations make you that way.
I go to PT 3 x week also- trying to see if strenghening the back muscles can help avoid surgery. One day I'm thinking I can beat this- then the next the pain is so bad I feel it's all a waste of time- & what I have to shuffle in order to get to PT is a nghtmare in itself. And then it's all the phone calls & health insurance nightmare- our plan stinks I I have put out over $11,000 now this year out of pocket. I don't make that much because I am working part time & having difficulty doing that- so it's a big viscious circle.

Sometimes I get so frightened thinking of what will happen to me if I have to have this back surgery-- they are talking triple level fusions. I don't think I can handle it. No one that can help me at home & my house woud be impossible to navigate wile I'm recovering-- AND there's no guarantee the surgery would help & may even be worse !
Just want my life I know how you feel. It's like a bad dream.
Then there's all the normals tresses- kids, sick parents, financial mess-- you know the drill I'm sure.

I really would like to get off these AD's & just take something for anxiety as needed like you said.But I was in such a bad state in May I keep remembering how I was- it was terror- only way I can describe it. Every momement felt like terror. I still get anxious & frightened, but it doesn't seem to get to that out of control degree. So that's why I keep plodding along on this Remeron & Buspar.

Sigh............let's hope better days are coming for us all ;)


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