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Re: Remeron anyone?
Oct 14, 2006
Yes i agree ther's nothing like good old Xanax. I have used it sparingly in the past, like 1/2 of a .25 mgm tab with excellent results, except the rebound anxiety can be a killer.

My p-doc did give me quite a generous supply of Xanax with refills- but her plan was for me to get onto an anti depressant along with the Buspar. She didn't want me to take Xanax for the long term as you tend to need a higher & higher dose.
I think once you know the relief you can get with a Benzo, Buspar doesn't cut it...I'm just guessing here. I'm still playing with the dosing & timeing of the Buspar though to give it a fair chance.

ICC- hmmm 15 mgm of Remeron in the AM & 15 mgm in PM-- do you think it will make you groggy through the day ?
It's interesting though-- my p-doc called me back just yesterday & I was telling her I was playing with the Buspar & hoped she was ok with that. She said she gives the patient times to take the meds merely for convenience- BUT if a patient finds a better way, then that is fine- she said whatever works for your situation. Because the Remeron can be sedating that is why it's usually prescribed at nite- BUT-- I have noticed lately that let's say I take my Remeron ( 22.5 mgm) maybe around now ( 10:30 PM), I'm still on the computer or working or writing bills or whatever at 12:30 or so. When I stay up after taking the Remeron rather than going right to bed- I have noticed that that time is the best I feel- mentally & even with my physical aches & pains. So,that's something maybe we should look into-- splitting the dose. Guess we would have to give it a few weeks as even if we are groggy at first, that may subside with time.

It really helps to have people here to talk to doesn't it?


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