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ok ladies ----- here's the update on my remeron use. after about 4 weeks the 15 mg wasn't doing anything for me. i started eating non-stop and just laying around all day. went to see the psychiatrist on the 31 st of oct. and he said he was going to raise it to 30 mg. and added deseryl since i still wasn't sleeping good. only took the deseryl twice as he said to use it as needed for sleep. after taking the 30 mg. of remeron 5 nights i ended up as depressed as i was and laying in bed thinking constantly about what i could eat next. i don't no why it was great for 4 weeks and then this happened but i didn't take one last night and slept pretty good and will start today to wean myself of of them. am switching back to my PTSD counselor this wed and hope we can help me together without meds. I know w=once i start having side effects like this it will get no better until i am free of them so i am really hoping i can get it together through therapy and avoid going through this with meds. I have always had a horrible reaction to AD's and am just not willing to keep trying more since i have taken every class and multiple ones in each class. someone wrote and i can't remember who it was the remeron caused her to eat chocolate ice-cream out of the box at night. that's exactly what i felt like for the past 2 days.:eek:
anxiousinnj****i thought it was you but wasn't sure. i was laughing at myself yesterday. laid in bed all day thinking about what i could eat next. have a trmemdous appetite for cake. i know it's the drug and being a dibetic i have to stop taking it beofre it creates problems i don't already have and believe me i have enough right now. hopefully i can wean myself off by tapering the dosage for a few days. i didn't take one last night and have had no reaction so i'll take a 15 mg tonight and then skip 2 days and take another 15 mg and then skip 3 days and take the last 15 mg i have. i hope that does it because as i said after a month the 15 wasn't doing anything i was back to befor i took it and after 6 days on the 30 mg all the horrible things i have going on were worse. when i first started it i had almost immediate positive results. don't know what happened but it's not new to me with AD. i saw my PTSD counselor for almost 2 years so i'm sure i'll get further with her than the new counselor they put me with. she was nice but very young and i did all the talking unless she was comparing her father's problems to mine. i felt like i was helping her at times. my PTSD counselor reads between the lines with me and if i can't come up with what's going on she helps. plus i think everything that has happened to me in the past 6 mos. is registering in my mind as a trauma so she would be the best to help me deal with it all. here's hoping i will stop eating. i started to become obsessed with it. always thinking about what i wanted next. could just lay there all day and eat. looking forward to hearing from you.:wave:

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