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Daisy (and others TNMOMOFFIVE) - it also helps me to hear from you guys as well, while I may be a little be better now, it still is a bit of a struggle for me.
I know what it feels like to be under so much stress and worried all the time.
The liquid advil on an empty stomach is not such a good idea, and yes can lead to ulcers. Ulcer pain hurts and travels-this I'm sure of. I think you should go back to your doctor and tell him about the advil and that your stomach hurts - just give the objective facts and see what he can do to rule out an ulcer.

Here's what I do know has worked for me and how I deal with all these anxiety/health worry issues.

1) STOP THE INTERNET SEARCH FOR CAUSES!! That's been the biggest factor for me - it's hard, but find one place, this board or another support place to go to, to air out your issues/concerns. Think about it - if we didn't have the internet, 90% of us would be a lot less worried that we have some horrible illness. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

2) If I really feel concerned about something going on, I go to my doctor and let HIM worry about it! That's his job. Now, I found a new GP and met with him last week to talk about all this. First and foremost: he takes whatever health worries I have seriously and will do whatever it takes to "get to the bottom" of what is ailing me. Also, he recognizes that my worries are tied to anxiety and they feed off one another. I think it's very important to find a doctor who is going to listen to you and not blow off your worries to just anxiety. It may take going to a few to get there, but the good doctors are out there. My new Dr. even admitted to me that even he gets worried about health issues for himself - that it's natural.

3) Lifestyle changes. Cut out the bad crap and get moving!! Seriously. No more junk food, no more white processed foods for me, no more anti-inflammatories (unless I really need it). It's all about healthy eating - fruits, lot and lots of FRESH veggies, good quality protein, lots and lots of water and cardio exercise EVERYDAY! It's only been one week since I started this routine, but I can already feel a difference. I just feel better. I still have worrisome thoughts and some anxiety but it's not bringing me down like it would in the past.

4) Vitamins everyday. I never really took on a consistent basis a good multi-vitamin. I also added in to the regimen vitamins that are suppose to help regulate seritonin levels and help with anxiety/depression: B6, calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium. I also added St. John's Wort to the mix. Studies have shown it to be as effective as Prozac for mild to moderate depression - it may take 6 weeks to show it's effect, but it's been proven. I don't have the study handy or else I would publish it here.

5) Reading everything I can get my hands on about depression/anxiety and coping mechanisms. I'm learning not to worry about the stuff we have no control over and to work on the things I do have control over, i.e., diet, exercise, healthy/natural supplements.

My hope is to avoid going on prescription drugs - I personally feel there is too much evidence out there to NOT try a more natural approach in all this. That's not to say I'm against prescription drugs, they have their place and many people do well on them - for me, I just want to try the alternatives first.

If you feel you really have a medical problem going on, promise yourself you won't worry about it, that you'll let your doctor worry about - that's their job and don't hesitate to make the appt. and go see them, no matter how many times it takes. Let the Dr. know that in all likelihood, you will be seeing them quiet often until you feel comfortable and if they have a problem with that, it's time to find a new Dr.

For me right now, I'm having problems with either acid reflux, hearburn or an ulcer from all the anti-inflammatories I've taken (2 failed shoulder surgeries in the past 6 months, but that's another story) and I'm going to make an appt. next week with my Dr. to let him figure it out. I'll ask him about the locations of referred pain and also will see if he can confirm with an MRI if I have a neck disc problem - I'm tired of worrying about it, so I'll let him.

This post rambled a little, but hopefully there's something you can take away to help you.

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