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Hi I am so sorry that you are going thru all of this. It is really scary, I understand. I have been going thru all of this for a couple of months now and I went to the emergency room with aches and pains all over they told me that it was a virus. So I started to feel better all of my blood work is normal and then I started to get pains in my legs a couple of days ago. So yesterday my doctor ordered an ultrasound on my leg and they said there was no clot so it's probably muscles or my anxiety. So while I am worried about that now I am having sharp pain by my left collarbone and my armpit into my arm. So that is really scaring me I keep thinking I have a blood clot. But everyone keeps telling me that stress and anxiety are going to do this to our bodies, we will experience physical symptoms. But I keep telling myself something has to be wrong because anxiety doesn't make sense to me. It always seems like something else. I did have my an ultrasound on my hear about 6 months ago and they said it looked good so maybe you could ask your primary doctor to order that test for you. That would show if there is anything wrong. Chest wall pain seems more like an infection to me. I am not a doctor but I think that can hurt when there is some type of infection going on. Could be wrong though. Call your doctor and tell them you would like an ultrasound done as soon as possible and if for nothing else but peace of mind. Also I get PAC's which are premature atrial contractions and they are normal just feels like really weird beats alot especially with stress. But they can find that also with a holter monitor. Don't worry stress makes all of this worse. Find a doctor who will take this seriously. If not go to a different emergency room. Good luck please feel free to write me if you have any questions. Hope you feel better soon.

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