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Hi everyone,

I'm a 50 yr married female. About 8 yrs ago, I developed General Anxiety Disorder (with Panic Attacks) and Depression myself. It has been successfully treated through counselling & medication (Paxil) & I'm 95% better.

However, I'm concerned about my 19 yr daughter...this summer she developed GAD and a milder depression herself (initially I thought it was a phase but then realized it had become a disorder). Although I understand these disorders somewhat because of my own history; I'm concerned because of her younger age and her family history (her younger brother is severely disabled/autistic/ frequently aggressive now living in a good group home), she was always the quiet one (even though my DH tried to be fair, she was usually on the back burner).

She had a bit of counselling this summer and was put on Eflexxor. When she had an episode of hair pulling due to extreme distress, we took her to the hospital and her Eflexxor was increased.

Currently she's out of town at university in her 2nd year & has been seen several times by a psychiatrist & counsellor. (I visited her today). She was initially reluctant to go back but felt it was preferable to staying at home with us.

I'm worried about her.. because she has intrusive thoughts (about doing 'bad things') and the compulsion to self injure. (She hasn't cut yet but thinks about it and has pulled her own hair and tried to make herself vomit). (She's got very low self esteem....the fact the guy she was seeing last year who's feeling cooled last summer is in her residence; different building hasn't helped).

To be honest, I never experienced this compulsion so I'm at a bit of a loss.

Is this unusual in anxiety disorder? Is it more common when the person is younger? The psychiatrist at the hospital said she had 'ocd-ish' tendencies around the self injury but she doesn't have the rituals or enough for full blown OCD.

I'm pushing her to get more appointments (she says she will) and have left messages with the university professionals expressing my concerns (need for possible medication adjustment and frequent monitoring & regular counselling sessions).

Any helpful suggestions would be welcome. I'm trying hard to be supportive (having low self esteem she tends to misinterpret it as criticism.)

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