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Hi everyone!

I am seeking some advice because I started having panic attacks a couple of months back. I think it happened because I took a job working from home which I though was a good thing, but turns out it left me feeling completely isolated and I became agoraphobic. :(
Then I started having anxiety just going out and doing normal things, again, this all stemmed from working at home, but also buying a new house (in a more isolated location-makes me freak out just thinking of moving there!) and a couple of deaths in the family.

So, loads of catalysts have all come together at once and created this perfect storm of anxiety!

So, I have been seeing a cognitive therapist, my last choice was to go on meds because my husband and I were trying for a baby. The therapy wasn't really helping my anxiety too much, I was still having the panic attacks although maybe less of them. I think the therapy brought up more things from my past that I'd tried to forget and maybe ended up making my anxiety worse?
Anyway, I decided I needed to take back control of my life so I went on the meds. Prozac and Xanax (as needed because the Prozac is giving me an increased anxiety effect).
Now, what do I do about trying for the baby?
Had anyone here started and then stopped meds when they became pregnant. I heard that Prozac is safe to use in pregnacy but I really wouldn't want to even take that risk.

I heard that the hormones released during pregnancy can sometimes eliminate panic attacks altogether (whilst pregnant)? Anyone know if there is any truth to that?

It seems that many of the posts on this board are either from younger people or people who already have kids....I am trying to figure this out because I am in mid thirties and really don't want to wait any longer for kids. My career always came first, but now I am at a place where that is less important to me and I want to be able to build a family of my own. maybe the deaths in my family made me realise how short life is?

I would really love to hear anyones thoughts or advice on this subject!

Hey Girl,

I am getting ready to start my 5th month with my 4th baby and i have been taking is absolutely the most studied SSRI in pregnancy and the huge article came out in the national news about it's safety during pregnancy. I have cut way down on the Xanax use but will still use it occasionally when needed. My friend who suffered from Panic disorder took 2mg per day for her entire pregnancy because she was literally panicky all the time. Her baby is beautiful and healthy. I had heard also, that sometimes pregnancy can offer you a shield from anxiety and panic but that is not always the case. I suffered from tremendous anxiety and panic with my 3rd baby and thus the reason for prozac during this one. Try to relax and be confident that you are doing what's best for you and your baby!
Hi there,
Thanks for your replies, I think I will go back on the Prozac when I finish my first trimester, which is in a week or so. I have been a mess the last couple of weeks and now need to start a new job so I will definitely need to be panic-free...right now, I cannot even get on the train on my own without panicking. Not good!
I have another ob-gyn appt next Monday so I will talk to her about it (it's a different doctor from my last one) so maybe she will re-confirm it's safe.

I also have a really important meeting tomorrow and I think I will need to take a 0.25mg dose of Xanax to be able to get there, I'm fine in's the train journey that I cannot do!

Good luck to all of you and keep me posted!

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