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I cant really answer for your particuliar doctor, but anxiety is a form of depression, and to understand how ssri work, they work by controling the seratonin and other chemicals that control how we feel. The concept of giving people an upper to calm you down is equivalant to giving someone with add/adhd speed to make them consentrate. Your body doesnt process its chemicals correctly so these meds help to keep you from having incorrect levels. Xanax is a guick fix and was never intended for long term use. It is actually written for people with agorephobia and clausterphobia ect. to deal with short term over stimulation, not balance the over all levels of the brain. Unfortunately, some folks have ruiened it for everybody by becoming afraid of experiencing a panic attack and taking xanax and adderall to ward off their feelings and become psychologically addicited, not just physically. It is a very fine line and with malpractice lawyers making it really tough to practice medicine these days I dont see doctors writing many controlled substances over long periods anymore. If you really need the med xanax, a psychiatrist can and usually does prescribe, or send a recommendation to the pcp to write the med and follow you up periodically for maintainence.

Hope this answers some of your questions, its kinda hard to explain.


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