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Just a note, I have had personal experience with SSRI, I have had depression and panic disorder. The first thing they put me on was Buspar, made me feel like crawling out of my own skin. Then we went to Zoloft, Paxil, ect, couldnt sleep for 2 days on one pill. Had really bad nightmares on Prozac. Finally went on an ancient tricyclic antidepressant in very low dose and have had great success. I also figured out that I suffer from sunlight deprevation, short days and rain make me very blue. I am learning behavior modification to control the panic attacks and have valum available as a last resort, xanax knocks me out completely.

I tend to have adverse reactions to most meds, took epi once and slept for two hours in my doctors office, they were astounded. Gave me valum and i paced the halls.but didn't experience the "panic"

Good luck with the xanax issue. As with any profession you need to find a doctor that can deal with you as an individual and not lump you into a catagory based on your med usage.

Best wishes.

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