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I am so scared of the dentist!!!!! I am going to take an Ativan an hour and half before I go and have a friend drive me there. I am only, yes only, going for an x-ray, but I'm scared to death he is going to tell me my tooth is abcessed and will have to do a root canal. So I'm scared of the outcome. My anxiety is getting the better of me lately. My Stepmother is mad I went off the Zoloft and said that the Xanax/Ativan is very addicting and I need a chemical to correct my brain, not a tranquilizer. That made me feel really low. I told her that the Xanax worked well in the past, and what is wrong with a three month dose of it? I've taken 4 pills now in 2 weeks, doesn't sound like I'm addicted. However, I would like to start taking the Xanax daily, but am trying to wait until next Monday when I see my Dr. again to discuss it with her. Anyways, back to the dentist today, I really hate this fear. I am scared of having an attack while in the dentist office too, even if I'm on the Ativan. I want to take the Ativan instead of the Xanax, because the Ativan makes me more tired and I'd rather be out of it as much as possible, just to get me there. I feel like such a loser. Michelle

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