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For the past few days, I've been having subtle headaches...okay, no big deal. Then last night, I felt my forehead tighten up as if my skin was being stretched, it tingled, and the pain increased. This is the first time I'd ever felt the tightness in my head, and I automatically thought something was dreadfully wrong (brain tumor, burst blood vessel, etc.) so I scrambled to the nearest emergency room. All my vitals were fine, so I knew I wasn't having a stroke, nor was I dying.

The doctor who I spoke to and who examined me said I had a tension headache. He told me to pick up a bottle of Motrin and see how that works, and if I develop any other weirdness like loss of vision or dizzyness, to come back for a CAT scan. Well, about a half hour after I got home, the tingling that began in my forehead had traveled to the areas of my face where my sinuses are located - between my eyes, my nose, and under my eyes. I figured it would just go away, but I began to feel pressure around my eyes (but not in my eyes) and feared I'd wake up the next day and have no I went back to the ER.

I was examined by the same doctor and he told me he felt no pressure or swelling in my sinuses and said it was most likely due to anxiety, or it was a combination of a tension headache and sinus pain. I'll admit that I've been feeling a bit nervous lately about school - I recently switched majors and it almost feels like being a freshman again and having no clue where to go. I've also been experiencing a change in my monthly cycle, and while I highly doubt pregnancy is a huge possibility in this case, I still fear the worst...and this has also added to my fear.

The doctor prescribed me Sudafed to see if it could decongest my sinuses. Right now, my headache feels like a sinus headache, and I was actually hoping for a CAT scan, but both doctors who I spoke to said they really didn't think it was necessary because I was not having any other symptoms of a sinus infection...although the last time I had a sinus infection, all I had was constant aspirin-resistant headaches.

What do you think? Could I have anxiety?

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