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Hello everyone
I just wanted to thank you all so much for contributing to this board.
I am fighting hard to get some control over my anxiety. I used to have anxiety attacks as a teenager but have not had them (except for situational as am extremely claustrophobic) for a long time.
Yes, you guessed it - recently, and entirely 'out of the blue' they are back and really REALLY messing with my sense of self.
You name it - depersonalisation, choking, absolute clarity that am going to die - blindly running with hear racing out of my chest etc etc etc.
I have been taking valium but finally got into see a psychiatrist last week who described xanax.
I was terrified to take it as i had a horrendous experince last year on an SSRI and worked myself up to a really ridiculous state last night prior to and immediately after taking the first tablet. Of course the tablet did offer some help i did manage to sleep till 8am this morning but upon waking it was 'back' so took another one then and another one tonight.
I feel like it is helping but more in a way that is 'just holding at bay' i can still feel the anxiety trying to break through which is spooky.
The psych wants to see me again next week and said will prescribe the xanax for the initial two weeks then wants me to go on Lexapro. The idea of this makes me feel very frightened and i may ask him if i can go into a hospital to get 'on' them. The awful thing is last week i felt comletely 'fine' yes, uneasy feelings at times but absolutely no anxiety, no depersonalisation etc and now BANG - horrendous.
I do feel there is a definate link between anxiety and menstral cycle and would really like to hear anybodys thougths on this.

Mostly though (and sorry to take so long) i just wanted to express my gratitude to you all for putting your fears and joys on this site. I have been crying for a couple of hours with the relief that i am not alone and have found something/some people to hang onto.


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