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i have been taking xanax for a little over a year.. i started out with a very low dose .75mg a day (.25 x 3 times a day) it seemed to work for about a month then nothing... My Dr played with dosages for the first 6 months until i finally started feeling anxiety free all day on 4mg a day (1mg X 4 times a day) i have been at this does for about 7 months now and i am doing fine with it.. dont feel the need for more or less.. ( though some days i can get away with only taking 3mg)

anyway i also have OCD and i found that it does help me with it.. (mind you i do not have a severe case of it) i have stopped alot of my compulsions because when i have the intrusive thoughts that would cause me to do my compulsions it was to settle the anxiety i would feel if i didnt do them... now that i dont feel that anxiety i dont do them.. so in that way it has helped my OCD a little..

i also have never had any luck with SSRIs... i hate them they just make me feel worse or i have major side effects with your def. not alone there..
yup thats the reason... but IMO its more because so many people abuse benzos to get a cheap high or to counter act the anxiety effects of street drugs... and its caused people like us that actually "need" them to feel normal and have a normal anxiety free life big problems in getting a DR to Rx them.. seems like most DRs seem to think if you ask for a benzo .. you must be a junky ...:rolleyes:

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