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Hello I Am New To This Website. I Have Suffered Panic Attack Ocd And Bad Anxiety Since I Was 15 Now Im 28.i Have Been On Alot Of Meds But Went Off Of Them Due To Side Effects And Weight Gain. Now Im In The Process Of Weaning Off Zoloft , Which Is A Nightmare !.i Wanted To Know If Anyone Had Luck With Magnesium For Bad Anxiety. Please Let Me Know. I Dont What To Do Next.
I would look into a Benzodiazapene. Xanax, klonopin, or Valium. These drugs work specifically on the anxiety causeing portion of your brain unlike the SSRI's I am sure you have tried. When using them understnad that the upfront side effects will be minimal (drowsiness), but there will be a withdrawl period when you try to stop taking them. personally I have resigned to the idea that I will be on these for the rest of my days, but some people are fearful of that idea and want a short term solution. Weaning down however will take some time and you will experience an increase in anxiety when doing it, so carefully decided what is important to you. You can also take a Benzo with an SSRI to get you through the initial anxiety, but beware because a lot of people simply can't take SSRI's at all. I thought I was going to die from the increased anxiety almot all SSRI's have cause me. Buspar is another type of anti-anxiety med that may be useful, but it is not nearly as effective as Xanax in the short term.

Good luck.
Hi Ema78:wave:
I just started taking magnesium 500mg 2 weeks ago for headaches which has been helping with that alot. As for my anxiety and panic disorder It seems to be helping I notice when I do feel anxiety and panic it isn't as bad(meaning the rapid heart rates) I also take a xanax if my panic attacks or anxiety is at a high.. But to answer your question I do feel a diffrence with the magnesium but not enough to say I feel completly cured!! I hope this helps you.. Good Luck!! P.S. if you try the magnesium you need to add calcium as well, I use caltrate 600mg it's easier to digest.. :wave:
To get the dosage that supposedly helps anxiety, heart issues, etc., you need a magnesium or mag/cal supplement. I take SlowMag which contains magnesium chloride, the type that is most absorbable by our bodies. It is more expensive, though. GNC also carries a good magnesium supplement, but those are just personal preferences. As long as you buy a reputable brand you should be fine. I take 1500mg per day, though that is a little extreme. You should do some research for yourself to find how much you need for your health issues, be sure to check for interactions with other supplements or medications, that sort of thing.
Hi Leela,
Sorry I didn't see your question. I still take beta-blockers (metoprolol) twice a day, and I take my magnesium and other vitamins along with the betas with no problem. My doc even said it wasn't a problem. The big things to watch out for mixing with meds or vitamins are antacids and fiber---those two things can decrease absorption of other meds, so keep antacids and fiber separate by two hours from other oral meds or supplements. I'd try the SlowMag, or try GNC's magnesium, it is also very good. Take care!
When do you take magnesium? I read on-line since it is difficult to absorb do not take it before or after a meal. I figure my stomach is the most empty in the middle of the night so I woke up at 3:00am. And took 750mg and went to sleep. When I woke up I had chest pain when I would take a deep breath. I don’t know if it is from the magnesium, sleeping wrong, the start of the flu, anxiety or something else. It is much better though; the pain is about 90%gone.

I have been doing better with my agoraphobia since my prescription was increased. I have been going out by myself for about 4 hours and just driving around town sometimes stopping at small stores. Today was not as good I’m sure it had to do with the chest pain. Although I didn’t feel the best I was still out for a half-hour and stopped at the video store then a gallon of milk.

Who knows if a magnesium deficiency is causing my disorder, but chances are I do have the deficiency? I read you can get magnesium naturally from dark green leafy vegetables something I don’t thing I ever ate! I do eat lots of “comfort” junk food.

I bought just regular “Magnesium” from Walgreen's (250mg) Will these have much benefit or am I better off with “Slow-mag” or something from GNC. About this calcium? It sounds like caltrate is the best. How much, how often and what time of day should I take magnesium/calcium? Thanks
I take my caltrate which is 600mg and my magnesuim which is 500mg both just before bed. I have eaten with them it does say take with food on mine?:confused:
I have taken a mag/calcium supplemnt, and it has helped me, and made me very calm. I'm very sensitive and it says to take 3 a day, I only take 1, because it makes me very tired with more than that. It's a small dosage, I think 150 mg mag/calcium 200mg or so.
Ema, Typical dosages of calcium/magnesium are usually between 400 - 600 mg, even though more than that is still ok. Most farming soils are depleted of magnesium and who knows what else, so supplementation is a good idea. Magnesium can not only help with heart issues, but in some cases, a deficiency in magnesium actually IS the reason for the heart issue occurring in the first place.

I have found that magnesium can take the edge off of anxiety, and with some people, eliminate it altogether. Also, when heart issues (or other health problems) get resolved, a person's anxiety will usually lower, sometimes considerably, especially if the heart issue was causing the anxiety.

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