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Hi, this is the third time I've been on buspar/buspirone. I started up again on July 1st. The other times I was able to get results on 15mg. a day broken into 3 doses. This time things going on around me are causing me intense anxiety where as before it was just general anxiety that I had. The last 5 weeks I had been feeling really great, no more hot flashes or panic, but then one of my children found out they needed major surgery and after going to all the dr. appt.'s and sitting in the hospital the day of the surgery all day waiting for results took a lot out of me and two days later I fell apart like a cheap suit. I am now adjusting my dose up higher to try and find a theraputic level that will help me stay stable. When my dad died in 2000, I had been on buspar for 2 years and was stable so I went through everything quite well. That's the only drawback of buspar, it is like a slow boat to china waiting for it to build up to a theraputic level. You have to be aggressive with the dosage and some people have problems with the dizziness. I have been lucky so far and the dizziness has been very light so it doesn't stop me from taking it. I usually only take 5mg. at a time, but I am now trying 10mg. at a time and uping my dose to 25 and possibly to 30 if all goes well to see if I can get back to where I was last week when I was feeling so good yet.

If your anxiety isn't too severe, try it. My doctor has said you need to get your dose up to 20 or 30mg. a day to get good results and sometimes higher. You can take up to 60mg. a day and some doctors now prescribe even higher doses for treating depression. At much higher doses it has been tested with clinical trials and found to be a decent antidepressant as well.

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