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I started having anxiety issues last fall and was officially diagnosed in January. I am taking Celexa (20mg), that has been working really well and taking the edge off. I went to see a wonderful counsellor for a couple of months, we were used CBT and it went really well. I felt great and thought things were moving along.

My anxiety level has peaked just before, during and after my period each month. I become overly sensitive to how my body is feeling and always assume the worst when it feel a pain or twinge.

For the past while I have been feeling a buzz(rumbling) feeling in my lower right chest just above my diaphragm/stomach area. I mostly feel it when lying down and immediately upon getting up. I don't notice it during at other time or when I don't think about it, but right now it is consuming me.

During the time it took me to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder I had several rounds of blood tests, chest xrays, ekgs, blood oxygen tests, etc etc. All came back clear. With all these tests etc I keep trying to convince myself that they would have found something and that everything is fine.

Most of my anxiety worries are centered around my health, I have been convinced I have lung cancer, brain tumor, heart disease and many more.

I had another set of blood tests last month and everything came back clear (bloods, iron, thyroid etc.)

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated, the lung vibration thing just freaks me out. I am not winded, no cough and can walk briskly for long periods of time.

thanks, dk
see, i have the same symptoms...even the excessive worrying, but, i do get shortness of breath and lightheadness. I get myself so freaked out and worried that something is wrong with my heart or my health that I don't even like to take my medicine. I keep thinking I'm just gonna fall over and die and I'm only 22. I get sharp pains in my chest and ribs and now everyone is trying to tell me its acid reflux with anxiety. I'm just really tired of feeling this way.

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