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Unfortunately I can't point you towards some of the info I have dug up on the web due to posting rules. I don't know if it is the most addictive Benzo, but I do know that most all meds for anxiety dissorder are going to have withdrawl symptoms. My mother can't get off Paxil and Buspar at all. She has an intense reaction and can not stop even the tiny doseage she is on.

As for what I can offer is if you do a search on this forumn for Xanax, you will find a long list of people who have been able to take it long term and find relief wheras, most other drugs have not provided long term benefits without the side-effects that can sometimes be very difficult to wheather. I don't disagree that others may find a gem in another medication, all I can do is discuss what I have learned over my experience with the different drugs out there.

I totally agree as well that meds should be taken in conjunction with some sort of CBT, whether it be meditation, relaxation techniques etc. as well as better overall health. Some people may even find short-term benefits from just the latter, but most of the time the anxiety will come back.

I have experienced the Xanax withdrawl first hand due to my doctor not telling me that you need to slowly taper and one day I felt really good and decided to stop taking it. Within 24 hours I had anxiety that was worse than any I had expereinced prior to taking the drug, but it does work, and I fully expect to take it long term because anxiety is a long term illness.

Whatever path you all take, I hope you find peace. Mine took twenty years to find and I just hope to save some people the time it took me to get to this point.

Take care.

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