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Find another doctor. There are studies everywhere that prove that Xanax is the most effective anti-anxiety med out there and you are on the absolute lowest dose given. You need to increase the dosage to get the desired effect and your doctor is not hearing that. Time for a second opinion. You can take up to 4 mg per day and have a 95% chance of getting off the drug with minimal side-effects. If you go above 4 mg and it can be prescribed up to 10 mg per day for people with severe panic and agoraphobia then it may be more difficult to stop, but anxiety dissorder is a life long disease, and you may want to consider the fact that meds may be required for the rest of your days. I am resigned to the fact that I will probably have to take Xanax until the day I die. Suddenly withdrawl becomes a non-issue and Xanax has very few side effects. Find another doctor and get your dose increased. I am on 2 mg per day of the Xanax XR and it is working well for me. I am not as impressed with the XR as the regular though, so do't spend the extra money if you don't need to. Also, take the dose you are supposed to take every day and divide it into 4 doses. For instance if you are taking 2 mg per day, take .5 mg 4X per day. This keeps a constant amount of Xanax in your blood throughout the day and gets rid of the rebound anxiety you probably feel right before your next dose.

Find a better doctor. SSRI's can cause horrible side-effect for some people, myself included and I will never take another anti-depressant again.

Good luck.

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