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hey everyone, my name is Ella and I'm 21 years old from NY, i've suffered from anxiety for as long as i can remember. I've been seeing a psychologist for the past year or so, and just recently decided to take the step to get medication because therapy alone is not doing anything. I went to see a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with GAD and a touch of depression. I was nervous to start any medication because i get uncomfortable even taking advil, so it took alot of persuasion from my psychologist to give me the courage to take a pill. I have been on lexapro for about 2 weeks now. I've taken 5 mg for 2 weeks and just started taking 10mg. i havent had any side affects except an EXTREME increase in appetite, but i don't feel the drug has done anything yet. I definately understand that I need medication at this point, i dont want to be afraid of everything anymore. I have health anxiety like alot of you, i've diagnosed myself with a million different diseases, but that was much much worse in my early teens, it has since gotton alot better. I also have something that i call "hotel phobia", that was triggered after i saw a special on dateline where they used a black light in hotel rooms and found a bunch of nasty things on the sheets and doorknobs etc. Since then i get major anxiety when i have to stay in hotels. But my main problem would definately be social anxiety. It has been a huge detriment to my life up to now, and i don't want to let it control me anymore. I have always been shy in certain situations, but i didn't realize the severity of my shyness until i entered college. Now i fear that my social anxiety will prevent me from having the life i've imagined. I know full well its irrational, but i just can't get past my fears. I was a teen fashion model with a high profile agency in NYC during my high school years, and even that didn't give me confidence in myself. Of course i had to stop because i couldn't stand being sized up all the time, but i was hoping it would pull me out of my shell, when all it did was push me farther in. I'm really counting on this medication to give me the kick in the butt i need to move forward with my life!! I'm sick and tired of being a slave to this anxiety!!!!!! I am putting to much faith in lexapro?

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