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I used to be constantly worried - about everything, I thought I had to be perfect, I had racing thoughts (which I very unsuccessfully tried to control), I had random twinges of fear that came from nowhere, I would get angry at the drop of a hat, and I very rarely smiled -- I also cried WAY too often.

I am on Lexapro - I have been on it since it was brand new - about 3 years ago. I never knew I had GAD and depression until a major hurtle presented itself in my life that basically broke down all my built in coping mechanisms to overcome the effects of this problem on my life.

I am not sure how long I had GAD / depression - but I suspect it was most of my life -- becoming very bad at 13. I started treatment at age 27. For me, the side effects of a little initial weight gain, more sleepiness (longer sleep time), reduced motivation, and decreased libido was worth the knowledge I gained about what life could be like without anxiety and depression. Every inclination I have had to relax and enjoy anything I grab onto with both hands. I now know what "normal" can feel like and I know when I am experiencing "roughening" on my medicine. I can distinguish the two. It is a tremendous blessing. I now know what the goal is for me off of medication. If I had a choice, I might have tried to overcome this thing without meds, but my life just wouldn't allow for the time and effort it would have taken at the time I really needed it.

The weirdest thing that changed??? After about 2 months on the medicine my facial structure noticibly changed...The reason?? I had developed cheek muscles from smiling!!!!!

I can empathize with all of you -- and I will pray that your worries stop plaguing you. Life is too short for so much sadness and fear. Please try right now, just for a moment, to visualize a happy memory - and relax and SMILE! I know how much you can use it.

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