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I am 52 and can't get my mind off my heart...although I recently found out that I have a murmur but suspect I have had it a long time and all of my doctors knew it but didn't say anything because they knew I was anxious and it was innocent but now im freaking out everyday.I also have this obnoxious pounding in my head or neck .I checked with my gp that said it had to do with ear blockage.Hope she is right..I have an appointment in about a week...I had a bout with tachocardia when I was 23 and my heart was clocked at over 200..They put me on beta blockers and its has helped..also a anti anxiety medicine that I still use but most doctors dont like it..But it works for me so they don't fuss..When I was 23 I became dehydrated and had black outs so they hopitalized me for over a month in the cardiac unit..They did every test known to man on me at that time.. and it was negative..Even the cardiac specialist showed me my heart on a monitor and told me that it was so strong that I would probably live forever..With a little work and the beta blockers and therapy I was soon a little more anxious free..Never totally not worried but sometimes more than others..Sometimes I would get in situtations that warrented me being excited and it would be so fast that I couldn't breathe,but I knew what it was from and I also had the knowledge that I could take more medicine if i wanted to .and skipping beats and irratic behaviour..geez I can tell you some stories..I even wore a monitor where I wrote down many skipped beats and flipflops and the doctor said they could never find them so ..What can you do? I have worried off and on now since I was 23 and im 52 now and worry even more since i had a brother that had a massive cornary at 44 and I have outlived him..But at the time he was older than I and I thought he was you can imagine how I feel now..But they say it was a hidden heart condition..My family lines are pretty much long life but who is to say? I worry everyday about my heart ..when I eat the wrong thing or drink too much caffine or even if I just generate a little extra stomach acid it goes into missing beats..Just have to make sure I get enough rest and try not to get to upset about anything but lately I have been treating myself with kid gloves because of hearing this pulse and being afraid..I ask the doctor if i needed test for the murmur and she ask me what for? She said it was nothing that she had a murmur and it was a lot more noticeable than mine and mine did not need test it wasn't the kind that is dangerous..But I thought..hey thats me not you..So I worry,but yes God you don''t know how I worry and how many others there are out there that have worn out there wrist and suspect that is why they have numbness in the arm from holding their pulse..I check my about 200 times a day ..and to be is that going to help us? If we take it and its still there then ok....but if its not..odds are you aren't going to know it..I mean what can I say .Here I am the biggest heart worrier in the world giving advice thats a joke.But yes there are many of us that have been put into the heart cirulation doom from tv commericals or personal stories of horror of people dropping dead and etc..I don't know what to tell you ..if you find a cure or something that works other than worry please don't hesitate to let me know .I need it too....

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