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Re: Hi I Am New.
Nov 26, 2006
Hi Sue,
I have been taking the same medication for almost seven years. I worked about six years while on it and tolerated and functioned rather well. I owned a cleaning company and was outbid on a contract renewal, which made me unemployed again. That along with some major life crisis, (One being my Mother died) put me back to agoraphobia this time worse then ever. We moved to a new area and my new doctor upped my medication dosage, I began seeing a counselor, read a great book and really starting to feel better. I hope to start sending out resumes maybe this week!

Panic and agoraphobia this time seemed so much worse with medication in my system that was not the proper amount, By myself I became housebound instantly. When my wife was with me I could do some outdoor things but not much.

Before I took any medication I would out of nowhere have a panic attack in usually a very big indoor building like a very large store. After, I would never return to such a large building but would go to a smaller one. That was until I had a panic attack in a building that size then would go only to something smaller easy for me to get out, my world kept shrinking until I would stay inside my home weeks at a time. I would then go in the opposite direction. slowly getting out and working my way to larger buildings farther from home. Then the cycle would repeat itself. During this time I went 4 years not being employed. I went to a number of doctors and was prescribed many medications that never helped but made me feel only sicker.

My wife became pregnant and we had our first and only child about 7 years ago. My wife developed pre-eclampsia and was on bed rest the final month of her pregnancy. I told my P-doc I need to work He put me for the first time on a benzodiazepine called Xanax. It in no way was a wonder drug but 3 days before my daughter was born I not only began working but held the job for years most of the time free of most anxiety and no panic attacks.

It seems it wasn't until I took responsibility and told my doctor I need to work that he prescribed a drug that actually worked. Some doctors don't like to prescribe benzodiazepines like Xanax because they are addicting. Withdrawal is said to be horrible. Stopping abruptly can cause seizures. But most anti-depressants today are also addictive including Citalopram

This is what I would do if I suffered from agoraphobia for 35 years. First find out as much as I could about the disorder and successful treatments. I would tell my doctor Im not living like this anymore. The medication he prescribed is only making the disorder not only worse but disabling.. I would show him my research of successful treatment plans and tell him. I would like to try a plan like this and if that doesn't work try another plan until you find one that does work. If that doctor cant successfully treat agoraphobia find one that does. You have had agoraphobia and panic for 35 years. I would guess your doctor hasnt been in practice that long! Let your doctor know you are not new to this.

The worst days of my life were those with agoraphobia. It takes over your life it controls you. You do only what your agoraphobia allows you do. You become powerless.

I appreciate and love life. Even the simple things now. I went to store yesterday, crowded Christmas sale. In line for a half-hour but I did it. No panic attack.
God Bless you too Sue,


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