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Hi..Im new to the Forums..well Im gonna start telling you the the whole story about my symptoms..about 3 months ago i had the worst headache of my life..I was at school(im in college) i was heading to my car when suddenly felt like everything was moving around me..I've Never felt so dizzy before..luckly there was a friend of mine nearby and I told him that i was felling very bad..he took me to my car and wait for the headache to dissappear..but it never did it got worst..I couldnt lift my head up because i felt i was gonna pass out..then what i think is that i got scared or freaked out because i was feeling really bad..i started to feel a tingle sensation all over my body and i barely could speak because i got this weird feeling in my tongue i cant describe..i was sweating cold and i was very pale..then more friends showed up and they tried to take me to the hospital...but they call the ambulance instead. then the ambulance arrived and they took me to the hospital...there they took blood test and all it came wrong was that my sugar was high(maybe because my friend tought that the headache was caused of low pression and he gave me a coke) well.. after that i was feeling good for about 2 weeks when then i started to feel dizzy almost daily...then the dizzness was acompained by anxiety i guess? feeling swetie, worried...then i went to the neurologist he gave me 15ml of diazepam daily..5ml in the morning and 10ml before bed...the box last for 15 days..I was feeling very well while using that drug..even when i finished the box(two weeks ago) i wasfeeling good..well the thing is last week i went back to the neurologist so he could check how i was going on..i told him that i was only having headaches when making physical efforts..but no anxiety...and he gave topamax for the headaches...but for the last two days i been feeling like i dont really know whats going on with me neurologist never said it was anxiety..but if it is? what could have caused it?

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