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well i got my full blood done and it is all normal! :)
i was having heart flutters/panic attacks for like a month straight and the past two times i saw my neurologist (i have migraines and DDD in my back) my heart rate was too fast. Although he thought it was my anxiety... he knows all about it, he wanted to check my thyroid etc and make sure. Im also taking topamax for headaches and need blood monitoring on it.
First off, it's amazing how scary panic attacks are and how much they can feel like something is REALLY wrong, and really there isn't ... not physically at least. i am so relieved it's anxiety, but gosh.. i hate that it has come back. I thought that part of my life had been kind of dealt with and i wouldnt have to deal with it on such a large scale anymore.

Also - Topamax... well, Im on the lowest dose, but since the first few days, my anxiety has not been as bad. I have little flutters here and there but haven't taken valium in about 2 days. Trust me, that is saying something... Im going to wait and see before I get too excited. But it is possible that this med is helping me with my anxiety, as my doctor said for some it can be a side effect.

thanks for reading! I hope everyone is well! :wave:

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